Here are the foods that are likely to cause ibs symptoms

Here are the foods that are likely to cause ibs symptoms

IBS is a chronic condition that affects a large number of people. The disorder is caused by trouble with the normal functioning of large intestine or pain with bowel habits. And although not a life threatening disease, it does lead to a lot of discomforts and disrupts the way an individual continues to live life.
Any individual, at any stage in life, can be at the receiving end of this bowel syndrome, however, there are certain people who are at a higher risk. Younger people in their teens, going up to the age of 40, females, persons with mental illness are more likely to suffer from IBS.

The causes of IBS are not very well defined and it is no doubt that the food one consumes can an added effect on the condition, Here are a few foods that are likely to trigger IBS symptoms and one should try and keep away.

Insoluble fiber food – Consumption of fiber is necessary to keep your gut healthy and your bowels clean. However, too much of fiber in one’s system can lead to the constant need to visit the toilet. For this reason, consuming soluble fiber is a better idea. Avoid or decrease the intake of foods such as bell peppers, eggplant, celery, etc.

Gluten – A lot of people are allergic to gluten. An ingestion of gluten can worsen the condition of a person suffering from IBS. Moreover, with a large number of gluten foods crowding the market, people are consuming it in larger quantities. You can try and substitute your food with gluten-free products.

Oily food – Oil is one of the most common offenders. It can be especially found in fried foods that most people find irresistible. The fat content in this kind of foods can be very hard for the system to process and can thereby, worsen the symptoms of IBS.

Dairy foods – Dairy comes with lactose, something that a lot of people’s digestive system may be intolerant towards. Moreover, it can trigger an increase in diarrhea. For these reasons, it may be advisable to cut down on or stay away from milk products. However, do contact you doctor who will be able to help you with a substitute.

The symptoms will vary from person to person and the food that can aggravate symptoms too will vary. Thus, one should be vigilant and try and detect the food that causes the onset of symptoms in him/her.

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