How to Make Your Small Room Appear Bigger

How to Make Your Small Room Appear Bigger

How to Make Your Small Room Appear Bigger

People living in busy cities generally stay in apartments instead of houses and villas to save on rent and bills. These days, with the boom in real estate, the apartments have become smaller and the rents have become higher. Small apartments have small living rooms and even smaller bedrooms. This can be quiet challenging for some people especially when it comes to storage, furniture and home dcor. There are various ways in which you can make your small room appear bigger and here are a few tips to help you –

  1. Window Sizes
    Long ‘French’ windows that start from the ceiling till the floor add more height to the rooms. The long curtains add more height to the room as well. Apart from that, long windows air out the room keeping it well ventilated. If your room has a low ceiling, these types of windows will make your ceiling appear higher as well.
  2. Storage Bed and Sofas
    Always choose beds and sofas that have an in-built storage to store all the excess household items like winter clothes, extra utensils, old clothes, cutlery etc. This allows you to keep your corners free rather than building a separate cabinet for storing these items.
  3. Electronic Items
    Ensure your TV is fitted to the wall instead of building a separate cabinet to place the TV on. Skip the floor speakers and invest in good Atlantic satellite speaker stands to hold your satellite speakers. These save space and allow you to freely move around your house. You can also place the small satellite speakers on brackets the top corners of the wall for that extra bass and volume.
  4. Home Dcor
    Keep the home dcor to a minimum as too many wall hangings will make the room appear smaller than it actually is. When decorating a small room, it is important to leave negative spaces on the walls as this adds extra depth and height to the walls. Use bright dcor instead of dark grungy dcor to add more light and color to your small room. Ensure your home dcor does not get in the way of your speakers on the Altantic satellite speaker stands as this will end up distorting the sound.
  5. Mirrors
    Using mirrors is another way of adding more dimension and depth to a small room. You can place decorative mirror pieces on the walls of your living room so that when the light hits them, they add more depth and brightness to the room. You can use mirrors on the doors of your wardrobe as well to add more dimension to your small bedrooms. Long mirrors not only work great for making a room appear bigger, they are great for viewing your entire outfit in one go as well!
  6. Color Scheme
    Using pastels, light colors and more of white in the room adds more light to it. This makes your room appear bigger unlike dark colors which don’t bounce off any light and make the room appear smaller than it actually is.

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