Six less known facts of Pizza Hut

Six less known facts of Pizza Hut

Who doesn’t love to have pizzas? It is one of the favorite foods of America. And when you think of ordering a pizza, you always think of Pizza Hut. This popular pizza chain has been serving hot pizzas to consumers for over six decades now. This brand is present in 86 countries with over 10,000 shops serving customized pizzas. Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat lover, you are sure to get something tasty and cheesy to pick here.

Where it originated
Pizza Hut was founded by brothers Dan and Frank Carney in 1958 while studying at Wichita State University. They borrowed $600 from their mother, rented a place, bought an equipment and started their first Pizza Hut. After one year, they opened their first franchise in Topeka, Kansas. Their first commercial was aired on television in the year 1965.

Did you know in the earlier days they had a mascot called Pizza Pete as its logo? This mascot, a cartoon chef with a mustache who wore a hat, an apron, and a neckerchief, served pizzas to the customers. This cartoon character was also used on cups, bags, and advertisements before being replaced by the current Red roof logo.

Released limited edition perfumes
Another interesting fact is that the pizza chain released a limited edition of perfume that smelled like fresh dough with a bit of spice. The perfumes were gifted to 100 selected fans on their Facebook profile in Canada and some perfumes were gifted to American fans during Valentine’s Day. The perfume was sold on eBay for $495.

Started a reading program
This pizza chain initiated a reading program called Book It where the kids are encouraged to read and are then rewarded with a pizza called praise, recognition, and pizza. Today this program has 60 million children enrolled in it. It is the longest running reading program in the country that is supported by a corporate.

First to deliver to space
Pizza Hut is the first company to deliver food to space. In 2001, they delivered pies to International Space Station. The recipe had to be put under severe stabilized thermal conditions before being sealed and sent to space.

First to take an online order
They are also the first to take an order online. In 1994, along with The Santa Cruz Operations (SCO), Pizza Hut created PizzaNet, which allowed the user to place their orders online.

Today Pizza Hut servers around four million customers every day around the world. They are one of the biggest restaurant franchises across the globe. The key to their success is their continuous innovation. They constantly innovate their menu, keeping the tastes of their target consumers in mind.

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