Know how to avail senior citizen airfare discounts

Know how to avail senior citizen airfare discounts

Senior citizens get certain benefits in life. Discounted senior airfares find a place in this bracket of special benefits. However, not all airlines offer tickets at a discounted price. Moreover, the airlines don’t advertise these offers. Airlines which offer seniors a discount, do so under some conditions. Like, you have to be eligible to buy a ticket at discounted rates.

Keep in mind the following points before you apply under senior offers category:

Some airlines consider 55 years and above as senior citizens. Others have a criterion set for 65 years and above.

Airlines offer special destination discounts too. Check the list on the website of different airlines to know if your destination is among them.

There are affinity groups which give you the benefit of high discounts on airfare. The scope of saving on your travel budget is ample. You can travel alone or with a spouse, who is also a member of the group.

Local communities across the world offer low fares on domestic flights. Use the Internet to know where you can get free domestic flights too.

Search through the Internet. Certain websites (third service providers) offer you a cancellation levy also. In other words, seniors can cancel flight tickets at no extra cost. However, it is applicable only sometimes.

You’ll not get all relevant information from the website. Call up the customer care number every time. Inquire exactly about the destination you plan to visit.

Terms And Conditions That Apply
Discounted airfares sound exciting. However, don’t book a ticket a hurry and ignore facts that are important. Here is what you need to know:

Some websites/third service provider/airlines offer non-refundable, non-transferrable, and non-assignable tickets.

If you have a choice of cancellation, check the penalty charge. Also, see before booking if there is a provision for cancelling the ticket.

Holidays and weekend travel may have a surcharge.

The discounted airfares are usually for round-trip flights only.

Lowest fares have a booking window of over 20 days.

Seniors can buy discounted air tickets no matter who they are travelling with. Even if you travel in a group like with your children or grandchildren, you can apply for discounts.

Sometimes, these offers include extra discounts. One such opportunity is extra discounts on domestic air travel cost.

Senior citizens have discount offers on entrance fees to local tourist attractions. Make sure to avail all of these to save a lot on your travel costs. A list of senior friendly destinations is also mentioned on the web. Check them out!

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