Spot the differences between a real and fake Rolex

A status symbol in itself, Rolex watches are a combination of timeless beauty and elegance. No doubt, the prices speak for the brand as it is one of the most coveted luxury watch brands in the market. If you are a watch enthusiast, having a Rolex in your collection is mandatory.

The more the demand, the higher will be the number of forgers trying to duplicate and sell fake Rolex watches for a fraction of the cost. As a buyer, you must be able to spot the key differences between a real and fake Rolex. Of course, you might argue that there is no possibility of buying a counterfeit watch from the brand showroom. However, there might be times when you buy watches online from other collectors or sellers where your knowledge will be put to the test. Consider the following factors to distinguish a real from the fake.

Check the serial number
An original Rolex watch will feature serial number that is engraved deep into the metal, while a counterfeit will have lighter markings. The quality of markings is also another factor that will enable you to spot a fake as the fake one will have dotted engravings.

Crown marking
A fake Rolex watch will not have the standard brand crown marking of Rolex watches in place of the number 12 on the dial. The quality of markings will also vary depending on the counterfeit as they will not be able to duplicate precisely.

Movement at the back
Another easy way to spot a fake Rolex is to observe the movement of the discs and the mechanism that powers the watch. Fake Rolex watches will not feature the fine craftsmanship and markings.

Cyclops magnification
One of the prominent features of Rolex watches is the cyclops magnification for the day of the month. Fake Rolex watches will have poor magnification and will have a flat surface in comparison to the original.

Waterproof test
Genuine Rolex watches are designed to be waterproof, and they will pass any durability test under higher pressure immersed in water.

Back case
Genuine Rolex watches do not feature clear cases for the mechanism to be visible from the inside. There will be no engravings on the back of the watch, whereas fake watches will feature the Rolex crown and logo.

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Spot the differences between a real and fake Rolex