Things you need to know before going on a Cuba cruise

Cuba was a lesser known island to most Americans due to its severely limited access, and the ongoing tension between the two nations. With the change of regulations in 2015, there has been some amount of reduction in the restrictions on visits between the countries. Now, more and more people are taking a Cuba cruise to rejoice in the beaches, culture, and music of the beautiful island nation. Check out some of the tips that you should follow in case you are interested in booking yourself a Cuba cruise.

Carefully compare ships
All three ships that sail to Cuba are likely to be smaller, and older vessels starkly differing in the facilities they provide. Therefore, if you are a newbie at cruising, make sure you thoroughly go through the services that these ships may provide.

Look up itineraries
Most of the cruises that go to Havana offer very limited on island time. The time may range from a one day stop over to only an overnight halt. If you are keen to explore the history, and culture of the island, it is necessary you choose an itinerary that allows you enough time on the island.

Engage in immersive exchanges with the natives
If your purpose of traveling to Cuba is educational or informative, ensure you familiarize yourself with some form of person to person contact with the local Cuban citizens.

Your credit and debit cards won’t work
Despite some leniency in the financial practice between U.S. and Cuba, our banks do not allow any kind of transaction in Cuba. Therefore, it is important you take enough cash with you and get it exchanged.

Forget about cell phones and the internet
American cells do not really work in Cuba until you get them unlocked and purchase a new SIM card. As far as the internet is concerned, you may have internet and Wi fi access up and until you are onboard on a Cuba cruise, once you enter the island, you will not have the liberty to browse when you like.

Keep all your documents travel ready
When planning to book a Cuba cruise, ensure you check your passport’s expiration date. You will also be required to complete a travel affidavit that would attest that you will be engaging in cultural exchange. Once you complete the form, you will require to file it with the cruise line you have booked with. You should also obtain your tourist visa through agencies, or directly through the cruise line.

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Things you need to know before going on a Cuba cruise